IDF: Palestinians use kids to collect Qassam launchers

Lagt på d. 22/08-07

The Israel Defense Forces killed six Palestinians in three separate incidents yesterday, including two children who were targeted as they tried to collect Qassam rocket launchers in the Gaza Strip.

The children, aged nine and 12, were killed in the afternoon by an IDF tank in the northern Gaza Strip.

Her ville verdenspressen have afbrudt historien, for at sætte Israel i dårligt lys, endnu engang. Men som altid er der en helt anden historie, som gør verdenspressen til løgner, på grund af halve sandheder:

The rockets struck the area near Kibbutz Zikim, south of Ashkelon. There were no injuries or damage.

Soon after the launch, an IDF force identified the source of the rocket fire, surveyed the area, and identified a number of suspicious images near the launchers. A tank in the area fired a round, which killed the two children. Another child was seriously injured in the incident.

"Children have no reason to be near Qassam rocket launchers," IDF officers said in a statement last night.

They said it is possible that Islamic Jihad had hired the children to collect the launchers after the launch. This phenomenon had already been observed in other instances, the IDF officers said.

The tank fired at the figures only after they were seen close to the launchers, IDF sources said.

"If these were children or youths, we regret the use that the terrorist groups are making of them," a statement from the IDF spokesman read yesterday..."Every Palestinian, including the militants, knows that anyone who hangs around these launchers is endangering themselves."

Islamisk Jihad siger selv:

the four were on a "jihad-related" activity. "The blood of our martyrs will be avenged,"

Hvem er egentlig sorteper her?

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